What is ArribaSIM?

ArribaSIM is a OpenSim fork developed by Freaky Tech. Freaky has removed a lot of bugs and dead code. He remained compatible with OpenSim and it is possible to connect a ArribaSIM to a normal OpenSim based grid.

By the bugfixing the Arriba SIM is stable and faster than the vanilla OpenSim.

What is Surabaya?

Surabaya is a java based cachingserver for textures and inventory structure. It supplies the viewer very quickly with textures an inventory to minimize lag and speed up rezzing.

This is a gridwide service and could be included in the settingfiles of the installed simulator.

What is Dereos?

Dereos was founded by Akira Sonoda and some users as a group germanspeaking regions in a OpenSim grid. The objective of this group was a stable and performant operation of simulators.

With the increasing occurrence of difficulties as a group of regions in a OpenSim grid and the followingtroubles to garant a stable operation, it came to the following decision:

At sunday, 25. january 2015 all present users of the Dereos group decided to found a own grid. With the help of Freaky Tech, developer of Arriba Sim, this decision was implemented in no time.

It is named Dereos in memory of the group of regions in the OpenSim grid and the idea of stable and high-performance operation of simulators.

Because of many international visitors about HyperGrid and international friendships, german-speaking regions in the OS has been dispensed from the subtitle. The previous shortcut it is become simply a name for stability and performance. For all who visit us or live here ourselves, no matter what language they speak.

And here we are... ArribaSIM & Surabaya! A new hope.

Where do I register?

Dereos isn't a grid where you can freely create an account. Even the free docking of simulators isn't possible.

The grid and the webpages are a completely non-commercial hobby project and volunteer maintained and cared for.

Note: If you are interested please contact Akira Sonoda.